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Who Is @CathleenElise and Why Do I Care?

This is a question I have asked myself countless times over the past eight years.  In the corporate world, one defines oneself  in the context of the corporate culture into which one has been admitted; this definition evolving with one's evolving environment. It oftentimes becomes difficult over the years to determine where the line that separates self from job exists. 

Such was the situation in which I found myself eight years ago when I was informed that I was one of  the latest victims of  that dreaded monster, Corporate Down-sizing.  Through the process of searching for a new job, my career counselor helped me to recognize and pay attention to my passion for writing. She encouraged me to start blogging and thus, Art Life Connection was born. With the writing juices now flowing, I found myself needing an outlet for the insight I had gained during my three-plus decades as an employee in the financial services industries, hence, I started a new blog, The Rossiter Report and a corresponding consulting business using my extensive training and experience in Corporate Customer Relations. A further blog, Impressions, and business as a freelance writer specializing in business communications evolved, coming to fruition in 2014.  

As is often the case in so many areas of our lives, it is easier to see how others can streamline or work more effectively; how others can save time and therefore money and effort; how others can re-ignite and project the passion they have for what they do and why they do it. As is often the case in so many areas of our lives, it is easy to believe that we do not have the time to do the same for ourselves.  After spending far too long avoiding my writing because there were too many moving parts and too many cooks spoiling the broth, I have taken my own advice, pulling my passions and areas of expertise together into one business, @CathleenElise.

The site you see before you represents the essence of who I, Cathleen Elise Rossiter, am - Writer, Editor, Business Consultant. Rather than keeping my passions and expertise in separate boxes, only partially helping people work and communicate more effectively in select areas, I am now positioned to help clients succeed fully, using a 360 degree view, not just of their customer and employee relationships or of their ability to communicate, but of their whole business or their personal project. 

Cathleen Elise Rossiter

After thirty-two years in the corporate sector, Cathleen Elise Rossiter finally heard and heeded the call to be a writer. As founder and CEO of @CathleenElise, Cathleen combines her extensive training and experience in the art of developing superior client relationships with her passion for language, and its power to connect souls. In doing so, Cathleen designs and produces for her clients custom  communications and marketing systems that connect with prospective clients on a deep and genuine level. This deep connection elicits an average response rate double the industry standard.

Working with Cathleen, you will notice that she continuously searches for the heart of the matter, the lesson to be learned, the interesting tidbit that sets her off on a journey of discovery.  Cathleen's passion and joy is in seeking out the core message, the real story that is begging to be told, then in finding the most effective way to communicate that message, that story in writing; painting the image in the reader's mind one word at a time.

A native of New England, Cathleen loves spending time at the ocean, in her garden or kitchen, visiting the multitude of museums available to her, traveling the world, writing in the myriad coffee shops ​that populate the wold ​absorbing and recording the ever-changing whirl of life being lived to which she is made privy. 

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About Cathleen and Her Writing for Busine​sses

Words have power. Well-chosen words raise you above the crowd, focus the attention on the story you have to tell, and communicate more effectively than words written in haste and under the pressure of deadlines and lack of know-how.

Writing may not be your interest or forte. Perhaps you have too many other demands on your time and talents. You may have a number of writing projects needing completion that require a higher level of attention or skill than you are able to provide.

Using the insights I have gained through my 35 years experience in the corporate world and combining it with my keen insight into what makes people tick as well as my passion for language and its power to ignite ideas, unleash creativity, and heal divisions, I am here to:

  • Help you save time, effort, and aggravation.
  • Help you save money and get the most out of the money you spend by freeing you up to focus on what you do best, knowing that your writing projects have the high level of polish and effectiveness that makes you and your company memorable.
  • Alleviate the stress of trying to figure it out on your own so your writing projects can be truly effective and productive.
  • Present a polished, intelligent, well-spoken image to your world.

My focus is on writing the essential pieces of copy that every business owner needs yet often dismisses as insignificant, something that can be whipped up in short order with no special thought or skill. These pieces, when written properly have a dramatic positive effect on creating loyal clients whose long-term value increases with every contact made. My areas of specialty are:

  1. Customer Service and Client Relations
  2. Process Capture and Documentation
  3. Automated E-mail Series and Content Creation
  4. Blog Posts and Newsletters
  5. Case Studies and Client Interviews
Contact me today at 1-978-289-8823 or [email protected]m.


About Cathleen and Her Writing for Individuals

We all have an idea of what writing is, what it is not, and what it should be. When it comes to other's writings, we encourage them, are excited for them, support them any way we can. So why, when it comes to our own writing, do we belittle our abilities, sabotage our efforts, and insist that our story, our message doesn't matter?

I was born to be a writer, yet it wasn't until I was nearing thirty that I uncovered a glimmer of this fact, this drive to breathe freely from the oxygen supply that writing is for me. Even then, I struggled to see the legitimacy in this calling. 

My mission as a writer is to become a partner in your writing projects, a coach, cheerleader, and all around resource for you as we work to bring flesh and bone to your skeletal vision of your writing project. Whatever your project, my mission and passion is to help you articulate your message in your own voice with a style and manner that suits you and only you.