I offer a variety of writing services for both the individual and the business owner. My passion is helping you to present your best in print, every time. 

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Editing is one aspect of the writing process whose power and importance are far too often misunderstood, underestimated, and therefore overlooked. 

Do not settle for less than your best. Let me help.

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Business Consulting

If you are frustrated in your business because of employee hassles, poor customer reviews  wasted time and other resources due to inefficient processes and systems, or a multitude of other reasons, I can help you change that.  

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What our customers are saying

When I met Cathleen I was pursuing a dream of writing a book, a book about hope, purpose and meaning in life. We immediately connected.

When I sat down with Cathleen to share my story, she embraced it, believed in its message, and she wanted it to be told. We went to work.

When I worked with Cathleen she made me reach my true potential. At a more basic level, she instilled in me the importance of “structure” to deliver in the end a solid product. But above all, Cathleen helped me transform a simple text into a more compelling and spellbinding story. I am grateful!

~ Martine Whitman, Creator of the S.H.I.N.E. Formula, author of When the Stars S.H.I.N.E. ~

Pre-Project Process

I always find that the best results in anything are obtained when there is a personal connection to the work at hand. For this reason, I make it a point to hold an initial consultation with each client to discuss his or her goals for and needs from the project as well as to get a feel for personal tastes and style.

There are times when it is not possible for the initial consultation to take place face to face or via telephone. In these instances, to initiate and facilitate the project discussion, I will forward the Project Questionnaire to you with the expectation that you will answer the questions as fully as possible. Your answers to the questions will give me a clear understanding of what you want, what you need, how you work, and to address any questions you may have until we are able to schedule a live consultation.

After we have spoken and/or I have reviewed the questionnaire, I will provide you with a provisional quote for the project.  Within 48 hours of our initial consultation, I will provide you with written confirmation of our discussion to include a Statement of Work for your review and signature. The Statement of Work includes:

Detailed outline of the project

Detailed enumeration of the project Deliverables and the estimated completion times

Terms of the agreement

Once you review, sign, and return the Statement of Work to me, you will receive your Welcome Packet. Included in the Welcome Packet will be an invoice for 50% of the agreed upon project price which is due upon receipt of the invoice. The remaining 50% of the agreed upon project price will be due at pre-determined intervals.

If you have any questions you may always contact me via any method listed below. I will respond as soon as possible. I look forward to working with you.


Sample Service Prices




Per Bundle

Baker's Dozen Bundle

13 hours

All my writing bundles are built around a certain number of hours.

Each project will determine the number of hours needed and how the hours are used,

Depending on the project needs, the hours can be used for writing, editing, revisions, planning a larger project such as an e-mail marketing campaign, or for help in taking your writing to a higher level.  




Per hour

Best for shorter projects or a final review.

1 hr session

My approach to editing is to be thorough. Every editing project includes:

Separate edits for grammar, punctuation, and style;

I also complete separate edits for continuity of formatting on various levels and for the nuances of language that fine tune your message.


Business Consulting 


Per Hour

Best for quick review or consultation

1 hr session

My time is your time. 

During our time together, we will discuss your most pressing need.

You will walk away with concrete steps to take to solve your problem.

For larger, more complex projects, I create a detailed Statement of Work  which includes a detailed, custom pricing package.